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Labels or Love?

While I was going through tons and tons of clothing at one of the boutiques here, I just had a thought… In buying clothes, where do you draw the line?

I am not a big fan of labels. My mom would always drool over designer clothing like Gucci, Ralph Lauren and more. She would always be on a lookout for bags, shirts, pants etc in Greenhills (the shopping haven of PX goods in the Philippines). If that is not enough, she would call up her sister in the US and ask her to buy goods from these labels only.

Gucci Label







I have to admit, at first, I was led to believe that we should buy these stuff so as we do not deviate from our status – middle class family who can afford to buy these labels. We often avoid going to Shoemart Department Store (they got it all!) except if we need to do some groceries or if we need to buy something from their home centre section.

Ralph Lauren

As I grow older, I started to realise that our wardrobe should not be dictated by the labels we wear instead, it should be comfortable and affordable.

I started going for the cheap stuff because I think I only grasp the word ‘affordable’ and ignored the comfortable bit. I struggled to fit myself on free-size shirts and (at times) trousers or jeans.


SM Super Malls

Watching television shows that tackled weight issues and how to accept your body opened up my eyes with possibilities. I then started to take notice of my body, getting the right size and be comfortable (and affordable as well).

In the end, designer or not, we should feel comfortable when we buy or wear any type of clothing because that is when the confidence will build up. I mean, can you really say you are confident with what you are wearing when in reality, you are not?

That is going to be difficult.

Living and working in a different country gives people the misconception that you SHOULD be able to afford buying designer labels, the answer is a big, fat NO. Not everyone can afford it. I have to admit, I sometimes still go for either pre-loved clothes or non designer clothing.

I mean the trend is the same – whether it be labels or love. In a sea of people, where two women might have the same look – would you know which one is wearing a designer label or not? I think not because it depends on how the person dresses herself or himself.

What about you?


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