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Job Hunting

Just a lazy afternoon in the house (just finished having lunch and R has already left the house for work) so I decided to browse for possible job opportunities.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, there are plans to saying goodbye to where we are now and say hello to our home country – the Philippines.

While I surf Jobstreet.com for possible job opportunities, I noticed these:-

If you look closely on the photo, it has Journalism on the “Others” section. A bit weird but what can we do. I guess you can say, being journalist does have its perks but not enough for it to have its own section.

While I browse through, I saw the requirements set by these companies. The one that caught my eye? They have an age qualification (22-29 years old). *bummer*

I will be crossing the border and will now hand my 20 hat and will now receive the 30 hat. Something that I’m dreading but is willing to accept. However I could not understand the age requirement… why?

I am still hopeful that when we finally reach the Philippines, I will still have the opportunity to find work (freelance or not as long as I’m writing :D) and that they do not look on the age but more on the eagerness of the applicant.


Back to surfing…


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