Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

I need to break this!!!

I have been out of sync for the past few months … I am actually not sure why but I guess:-

1) we went home last March for our much-awaited holiday

2) after getting back from my holiday, I had to catch up with work (yeap)

3) got busy trying to get pregnant (which at times end up with me getting frustrated)

4) ….

Well, the fourth one is really trying to write again. I cannot say that I do not have ideas because I do. While I was in the Philippines, I even wrote topics that I wanted to share here in my blog but I just don’t know why I cannot let my thoughts come together so that I can create a blog.

Even my freelance writing has come to a halt. I really cannot pinpoint why but all I know is I need to be back in the game.

I hope that my starting it off this way, I can get back into my writing groove and start tapping in ideas or thoughts or whatever in this blog!

That’s it for now!



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