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To move or not?

As I have been blogging for the past few days / weeks, I am thinking of moving into another blogging platform – why? Wordpres has little flexibility when it comes to their free weblog users (boo!).

I have maintained this blog for a period now (and unfortunately, there were really some moments wherein I am not that active… All part of the past!) and of course I do not want to start over… 😦

I mean… I also get to think if changing the format of a blog and writing in your blog are two different important things… I know I should be the one to answer this but I am also a bit preoccupied with a lot of things in my mind… our house renovation in the Philippines, is the ‘end-all, be-all’ plan going to happen, current state of our job security here in UAE, our impending contract renewal for our flat here in Dubai and a lot of more.

Though of course, my blog is as important as all those that I have mentioned and I am now trying to take a step on what is the way to move forward…


On the same subject (‘moving’), we are also faced with a dilemma if we should move accommodation or not. Actually, we are still waiting for management to inform us if they are still willing to renew our contract then we (house members of six) get to decided if we all want to be together or not.

Another factor that we have to consider is if the landlord will still maintain the same contract value as last year. We just noticed that a lot of people have been moving out of this building. We are unsure if this is because 1) the rent went up or 2) there are a lot of inexpensive new buildings within the UAE

Real estate and hotel-type accommodation in this country is still down and so a lot of these investors either have their property rented out to expatriates in the country rather than losing money by being ‘picky’.

Silently, I know, in their own time (like what we do), all of our house members are thinking what is the way to go forward…

Move out or not?

What do you think?


Comments on: "To move or not?" (2)

  1. nekisnotnice said:

    I really liked WordPress too because it had better publishing options than other blogging platforms I’ve tried, but sadly, users don’t have a lot of room for tweaking and customizing blogs without shelling money. That was my only problem with WordPress. On the brighter side, Blogger did some major upgrade recently. I’m still trying to get used to it, and it’s still nowhere near the savvy of WordPress’s features, but I think it’s a definite improvement. I still miss WordPress though. Hehe.

    • It seems I am bound to stay dahil ayaw ma import ng blog ko sa blogger – for some reason (is that you WordPress?)… so I might stay for awhile until something happens 🙂

      on another note, kaaliw naman kahit na di pa tayo nagkikita (uli) eh nagkakamustahan tayo via blogs 🙂

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