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Forgiveness – Part 2

After my post yesterday, I just could not sleep. I was just tumbling and shuffling on the bed. Maybe it is because I was hoping for a quick response or I don’t know maybe I was still thinking if I did the right thing.

I was struggling but of course I did not want to wake up Rob so I had to be still but my mind was everywhere. Flashbacks of what has happened came to picture… It was like reading them from a book only they were all just in my memory.

However, sleep did find me … It was a bit after eight when I woke up. I immediately checked and see if there was something from him.

There it was the response that I was waiting for.

I felt light. A feeling I never had for about a few months now. Nothing related to my ‘baby fats’ … (just to confirm I am not losing weight) but that ‘heavy’ feeling left me.

I now look forward for a conversation where we can laugh until we cry.

The feeling is good 🙂

I hope it stays this way.


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