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2 Broke Girls

While browsing through Chuvaness‘ blog posts, she mentioned about 2 Broke Girls.

I got intrigued and decided to search for it online and see what is it about. It is a welcome break for me since R and I have been watching Dexter for the past two months. Seeing blood again might turn me into a serial killer (kidding!)!!

I found a website that has the links for this TV series. Good thing there were already two episodes available that time. I watched it and am now looking forward to the upcoming episodes! 🙂

2 Broke Girls is about two girls who are working on a diner for a living. Max (played by Kat Dennings) bakes these amazing cupcakes and sells them for a bargain price!! Then there’s Caroline (played by Beth Behrs), the rich socialite who had to work as a waitress as her family’s assets were frozen because her dad’s had some financial issues.

I have just watched the third episode and so far, I am enjoying it… 🙂

They do have other casts in the series who are funny as well – like Han (the owner of the diner) and Earl (I am not sure what is his participation in the diner except for the fact that Max gives him his daily dose of cupcake servings!).

Hopefully, they will get good reviews and will eventually have more seasons to come! 🙂

I did notice though that even if Caroline was blonde, she’s not typecast to be dumb (good!)

(photo source: http://images.hollywood.com)

**OH! Did I tell you that the brains behind this TV Series is the same man who made Sex and the City as a TV series? Excited!


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