Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

About Me…

Now what about me?

Well, I have been reading again (thanks to my Kindle!). I have been slow reading because ever since I bought my Kindle, I think I was only able to finish three books!!!

I know!! What happen?

I think I am so caught up with my iPhone that I am more active in my online social life rather than enjoying a laid-back day with my Kindle.

Yes, I keep mentioning the Kindle because I have packed all my paperback and hardbound books. They are now in transit together with our ‘other’ stuff. I am not sure if I have mentioned it but we are in the process of ‘moving around’  (people who know me will understand what I am talking about). So, as part of the process, the books have to go first because that means I free up space which means less boxes to worry about.

What else about me…. nuninuninu…

I have not bought shoes for the past six months (OMG!)… and I am itching to buy one or maybe two? Again, I am not able to do that because of this moving around business… or could it be that I am so engrossed with gadgets now that I keep forgetting (intentionally) to buy shoes.

Hmmm… I know I’m just blabbing… I need to free up my memory as well so that I can fill it up with new ones – hopefully, happy and encouraging thoughts / ideas that I can eventually share here.

I think that is me at the moment… watch this space for more (hopefully, not too long!) 🙂


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