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I am (again) in a dilemma if I should buy a gadget or not. My hands (including my toes) are both itching – I think my toes for new shoes and my hands for a new gadget (say what?!).

My latest craze: How to get a new laptop without losing our savings!

I have been pestering Haze for all the information I need regarding her Macbook Air! Yes! If you are a friend and you have known me for a long time — this is a dilemma for me and I know… yes, I am giving you permission to roll your eyes now… I want need the laptop.

I want to be mobile (for one thing). Usually, I have a hard time sticking to one place most especially if I want to write – what I do, I move around the house (honest!). Good thing about this habit is that I do get to produce sound results of my writing – enough to be appreciated by my viewers and my clients (naks!).

Previously, I purchased an Acer netbook when Rob and I were miles apart. It was a good laptop – served its purpose though I think sometimes my fingers struggled in typing however it worked its magic to me – I was able to move around the room if I needed to think. If I remember it right, there was also a time when I took it with me in one of the coffee shops at Burjuman because I needed to think of an idea to write for my blog?

When Rob came back here, I did not see the point of owning two laptops so I sold it to my friend. Unfortunately, it was too late when I realised that we do need to have two laptops most especially when I have some online projects to do.

I managed to snag a second laptop… but I was not able to use it…. I am still attached to our dependable Acer Aspire 5570.

So now, I am in a dilemma if I want to buy the Macbook Air and if I do want to, should I buy the 11 or 13 inch?

=== excuse me ===

What is wrong with me?!

=== thank you ===

I do not want to always end up buying gadgets because I am not satisfied with what I have 😦 or because I want to try out another gadget 😦 😦

I wonder if shops would allow customers to have a 10-day trial of the product? That way, we can assess if we really, really need it or not (wishful thinking)? This is why I envy the bloggers who are fortunate enough to try out products! Lucky you!!

Still no resolution… maybe I need to investigate about this… or I can just buy a decent laptop that is light and affordable? Aarrrgghhh….

Let me go back to my thinking mode…


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