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The price of beauty

is very expensive!!! :S

I just have to say it out loud! 🙂

It has something to do with my hair. I may be blessed in other areas but my not so good part of my body is my hair. I have wavy hair.

People who know me might be nodding about how my crowning glory can actually can cause some amusement to my look / style.

It’s a good thing that my old pics are “safely stored” somewhere (*whew!*) and people will not have a clue of what my hair looked like (oohh please I hope the Facebook pics of my high school photos will not be uploaded or hopefully, it will be buried somewhere).

My wavy hair is a bit difficult to manage to be honest so before when I did not have enough money yet and is always asking my mom for some “pampering”, I color my hair a lot. It varies from golden brown to probably deep red.

Then the hair gurus decided to invent more innovations for the hair and introduced cellophane treatment (check!) then we moved on to straightening (check!) then rebonding!

I think after having my hair rebonded… I got bored with it and decided to do digital perming! 🙂

And now, I’ve tried another hair innovation, KERATIN!

Of course all these are not cheap. I had to save up for all of them or (gulp) use my credit card (double gulp).

Friends say that you can achieve “the look” by just being patient and paying more attention to the hair.

I just do not have the time.

Not that I’m sooo busy but it’s just time-consuming to do this all the time : – S

For now, my Keratin treated look is nice and is making me feel beautiful 🙂

Will post pics of my hair evolution next time!

Now, let me prepare for another “birthday celebration” dinner that we have for R’s birthday 🙂

happy days!


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