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While my friend and I were watching a TV show from the Philippines, the guest star started suggesting books to read to the TV host and her co-hosts.

My mind wandered and thought of the long list of books that I have stored in our computer waiting to be read.

Previously, I will always collect books that I want to read, authors that I love and some recommended. I always tell myself I will read them when I have the time.

Weekends come and go very quickly. By the time I realise I wanted to read, the working week starts. My reading plan ends up being shelved because I feel tired or that I want to go to the gym, R and I will go out and the list goes on and on. 

Now, I feel very guilty listening to people say that they have read this and that despite and in spite of their busy schedule. They were able to find the time to sneak in a chapter or two but not me 😦 

I feel sad. 

As mentioned, I have a lot of books but I had to send them home because of our plan to leave the country very soon hence excess baggage have to be dealt with. I then switched to a Kindle, an e-book reader. I told R that I needed it so that I can still read my books without really eating up a lot of stuff. R agreed but rolled his eyes because he knew what I was up to – I am just going to store them somewhere and he was right. 

Moving on, I said, the Kindle was not enough because I also need to read my magazines hence I got the Samsung Tab and what happened? It got shelved somewhere as well. 

I guess I have a lot of things going on and wanting to accomplish that I really do not know where to start? What do you think? 

Now… this post makes me want to read Marian Keyes… where is my Kindle?! 




(image from http://acrossthelaine.blogspot.com/2011/12/date-girl-who-reads-by-rosemarie.html


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