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My new laptop !

We finally got it! 🙂

After all the window shopping drool this past few months, we now have the (drum roll please) Macbook Pro 2012 laptop in our possession! To be honest, I was really caught unaware of all this…

R and I were celebrating our _th anniversary and were happily munching my sushis and makis when he popped the question

Why don’t you buy the Mac now?

I had to pause and swallow slowly what I was eating to comprehend what he just said… Buy the Mac now? He nodded and said that

You have always wanted it so buy it now so we can still vet on the warranty issue and also you would be able to play around with it.

I think I almost fainted (kidding).

We looked for the appropriate installment plan to suit our budget and voila, we now have our own Macbook Pro…

Welcome home lappy!


*note: Pictures to follow because I am still trying to understand this… so please bear with me 🙂 



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