Daughter, Sister, Wife, Friend, Coordinator, Writer and Me!

Facts About Me?

* married to an uber super supportive husband

**I’m a Personal Assistant an  unofficial reliever during the day and a dreamer / writer at night and sometimes during the weekends.

*** I spend most of my free time now with Robert (yay! he’s back here in Dubai). We watch TV, eat our favorite food, drink coffee in our favorite couch at Cinnabon-Burjuman or just stroll at our favorite mall – Burjuman!

****I usually spend most of my weekends in front of my laptop either chatting with Robert, my husband or just browsing through the Internet for the latest news, gossip (which more often than not, eats up my time).

*****I love trying out new restaurants… This has been a favorite past time for me and my husband because we both love eating! Good thing the tummy is not catching up with this hobby we have :p

******If given a chance, I hope I can work as a freelance writer/ novelist…This is my ultimate dream!!

*******I am now a semi-fitness junkie who goes to the gym most of the time when I do not have allergies or any other sickness that stops me from doing so


Comments on: "Facts About Me?" (3)

  1. Juggling Motherhood said:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! All the best for your dream of becoming a freelance writer. Wouldn’t it be great to be sent away to an exotic 5 star resort to write a review…that would be my ultimate freelance writing job!

  2. Paulina Czarnecki said:

    Nice job with your blog. 🙂

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