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Yahoo is playing up :S

For the past few days, I have been having issues with my Yahoo! account. It’s either I could not sign in or it just logs me off.

Last Wednesday, I browsed via my phone (company provided HTC windows phone) and saw that I had about 85 mails which was kind of odd since it was close to the end of the day already. I usually get the deals and news in the morning so I was caught unaware of where these 85 mails came from. When I opened my email, there it was… all the mails were delivery failure notice.

I have been hacked (again)?!

It is a bit irritating however I did not take the right action. Instead, I just deleted all the mail delivery failure notice and decided that it can wait the next day. Well, it was not really… I logged in and decided to change my password (also my colleague advised me to do so because the hacker might have saved my details already).

I did and immediately forgot the password (note: which is why you should never ever do it in the office where you will constantly be bugged by office emails requiring an urgent response). Anyhoo, I have hit the “forgot password” and viola! I manage to get a new one (which until now, I have not forgotten).

Now, this made me think if I should maintain this email address or not. It has been me for the past 10 years or more… and it is like my social identity for Yahoo… though I have to say as I now grow older┬ábecome of age, I don’t think the screen name “funkeyguhl” is still appropriate? :p

What do you think?


Overworked? or Out of Focus?

Do you feel frustrated that you have worked for like 8-10 hours yet you don’t feel you have accomplished anything?

Do you feel that you have set your goals and tasks for the day but then only half of the ‘list’ was done?

I have been doing it for sometime.

Our project is close to completion. People are beginning to feel the pressure… up to their neck! As for me, to help out, I try to extend my services (meaning writing letters, researching for previous letters, call our subcontractors, etc) to other people to move forward.

Due to this, my own work is now being sacrificed. I don’t have anybody to cry out help to… just giving them a big smile and say, "Let me help you with that".

I don’t want my work to suffer but I also don’t want these people (the ones I’m helping) to be shouted at. I mean I understand the feeling of someone blaming you for something that you knew about 3-4 days only.

I’m thinking if I should stay behind and try to do my work after office hours but I know that is not the solution…

So… I am trying to think of another way to deal with this. Hopefully, I find the answers soon (very soon).


Why do we meet certain people who will just confuse us?

Why do we get to know someone and then all of a sudden leave us… not knowing the reason why?

Why do we tend to neglect the person who loves us so much? who’s willing to give us everything they have… yet we feel it’s not enough?

Why do we seek for other people’s attention when there is someone who notices every minute detail about you?

Why do we like making things complicated? Why?

Why do we seek answers which we know best to be left unanswered because whatever the answer will be… it will be just wishful thinking…



Trying to be Domesticated…

In my (close to) four years stay here in Dubai, I have tried to be involved in the kitchen ‘more’ rather than just being in bed and watch TV (or read).

I have always been vocal to people (everybody) that I am not a good cook. I can bake… toss a salad… but never do ‘homegrown’ meals.

Rob knew that.

That’s why when we lived ‘on our own’ (literally)… I had to really look through the internet for recipes. I even had to blew dust from my recipe books because they were tucked away… very deep…

I know, I have bragged about my ‘kare-kare’ (thanks to Mama Sita’s kare-kare mix!)… yet I think I have not reached Rob’s expectations.

A lot of sighs, irritated looks, angry stares… just because of my cooking.

I wanted to cook (now more than ever!) however whenever I get these comments from Rob… I just lose faith… I become demotivated.

I know I cannot cook ‘homegrown’ meals but I try … and also, I did not come from a family where cooking ‘bulalo’ or ‘kare-kare’ or whatever has been practiced. Nope. My mom would just cook or should I say saute vegetables… or boil meat and then put whatever ingredients we have on the fridge!

I’m just depressed (again) because one of the conversations of the day was (gulp!) about my cooking. I wanted to scream awhile ago but decided not to.

It’s just… I don’t know… I just want to be complimented or at least acknowledged for the effort I’m doing. I know this is one of our (as a woman) responsibilities… but I’m trying… I’m sooo f**king trying… at least give me some credit for it…


Worst Week!!

I think I am having one of the worst week of my life.

A lot of decisions… good and bad… were done over the past week which is affecting my week now.  

A lot of things had also happened over the last week… things that are clouding my mind right now… making me ‘fragile’ and at the same time ‘incompetent’?

I think TODAY is my wake-upper that I should end this!


I think I feel lost for the past few months… over everything!

My soul searching is always being interrupted by work, personal life and other things.


I think I have to put a stop to that ‘soul searching’ business and concentrate more on my job or else I might lose it!

No… the boss did not ask me to leave or something. He likes how I do my work but the thing is, I cannot allow myself to be incapable.


I don’t know if I’m just being too hard on myself.

The boss had a meeting today. We both thought it’s in the morning as it said 8:30-9:00 (GMT) Edinburgh, Lisbon, London.

It turns out the meeting is for 11:00AM, Dubai! Geesh… The boss was already shouting and screaming to the person who set up the meeting… only to find out that the boo-boo was on our end. We were on a different time zone.

I was suppose to notice that!!!! I was suppose to!!! Being the secretary and all, but I was too preoccuppied!!! ­čśŽ


I don’t know why I cannot handle criticism well… in this situation, I am not being criticised yet, I’m soo bothered.

By the way, I have not apologised for what happen (Should I?)


Back to work.

It is okay?

Is it okay that Rob is not my muse?

He was but then right now… he’s not…

Should I feel guilty?

Should I?

The weekend started…

with me getting a bit pissed.

In a diverse country like Dubai, officemates / friends / acquaintances, who came from different countries with different cultures, react to situations differently.

I was busy doing the regular ‘draft this letter for approval’ routine that I do, when one of my managers gave me documents for approval. I have typed the ‘draft’ two days ago when I stayed late while waiting for my immediate boss.

Since I just waiting for the document to be approved by my boss, I emailed the soft copies to my colleague giving her instructions and informing her that since she has the originals, she can type it up… we are just waiting for the approval.


She sent me an e-mail and with this message:-

OK mam

I just stared at my monitor and (well, you know what I did?! F**K). Why does she have to react like that?! I got so pissed about it that I had to tell one of my colleagues (who then told me to ignore her or better yet I should have replied – Thanks Boss!!!) and to my good friend (who then said that I should just let it be because she has some mood swings because of her pregnancy).

Why does she have to do that to me when I told her before that I don’t like being called ‘Ma’am’ or ‘Madam’ because regardless of your position, we should respect each other as co-workers! Yet she does this to me?!

I was soo pissed (I don’t know if I’m reacting to this because I’m having my period…)!!! I just cannot get it out of my head?! Why do I have to deal with this most of the time … people look at me as if I don’t deserve what I get?!

Why? when I worked hard for whatever I am getting??

Now, my weekend is ruined and I’m in sooo much pain