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My new laptop !

We finally got it! 🙂

After all the window shopping drool this past few months, we now have the (drum roll please) Macbook Pro 2012 laptop in our possession! To be honest, I was really caught unaware of all this…

R and I were celebrating our _th anniversary and were happily munching my sushis and makis when he popped the question

Why don’t you buy the Mac now?

I had to pause and swallow slowly what I was eating to comprehend what he just said… Buy the Mac now? He nodded and said that

You have always wanted it so buy it now so we can still vet on the warranty issue and also you would be able to play around with it.

I think I almost fainted (kidding).

We looked for the appropriate installment plan to suit our budget and voila, we now have our own Macbook Pro…

Welcome home lappy!


*note: Pictures to follow because I am still trying to understand this… so please bear with me 🙂 



About Reading ….

While my friend and I were watching a TV show from the Philippines, the guest star started suggesting books to read to the TV host and her co-hosts.

My mind wandered and thought of the long list of books that I have stored in our computer waiting to be read.

Previously, I will always collect books that I want to read, authors that I love and some recommended. I always tell myself I will read them when I have the time.

Weekends come and go very quickly. By the time I realise I wanted to read, the working week starts. My reading plan ends up being shelved because I feel tired or that I want to go to the gym, R and I will go out and the list goes on and on. 

Now, I feel very guilty listening to people say that they have read this and that despite and in spite of their busy schedule. They were able to find the time to sneak in a chapter or two but not me 😦 

I feel sad. 

As mentioned, I have a lot of books but I had to send them home because of our plan to leave the country very soon hence excess baggage have to be dealt with. I then switched to a Kindle, an e-book reader. I told R that I needed it so that I can still read my books without really eating up a lot of stuff. R agreed but rolled his eyes because he knew what I was up to – I am just going to store them somewhere and he was right. 

Moving on, I said, the Kindle was not enough because I also need to read my magazines hence I got the Samsung Tab and what happened? It got shelved somewhere as well. 

I guess I have a lot of things going on and wanting to accomplish that I really do not know where to start? What do you think? 

Now… this post makes me want to read Marian Keyes… where is my Kindle?! 




(image from http://acrossthelaine.blogspot.com/2011/12/date-girl-who-reads-by-rosemarie.html

Times are changing … fast!

I think everything now happens in a blink of an eye… almost!

We live in a fast paced world wherein the news today can be forgotten tomorrow. I think I have caught up with this craze too! Skimming through pages as if time is my enemy. All I can say is this is not good. I mean can time not stood still anymore?

For example, I was only out for a few months and I see that WordPress has changed – yet again! From what I can see, I think it’s for the better (which saves me the drama of parting with my blogposts – yay!). 

I have yet to totally revisit WordPress but I think I’m liking it’s new concept. Making it a bit more flexible for its users (I think). 

That’s it for me (for now). I hope to return soon! 

Today is a Good Day…

I think I have learned my lesson for being soo mean that I got a lot of things to thank for today:-

1) My boss has approved my leave!!!

It’s nothing official yet but I have verbally asked his permission if I can go on leave (oopppss! Not going to tell when cause I might jinx it!)

2) This is related to No. 1

Since my leave was verbally approved, I immediately searched online if there’s available bookings on XX and XX of XXXXXXX – you won’t believe it! There is!!!! Yes, it’s expensive but I don’t care, the company’s paying my leave!

3) I am back on track!

I have been whining and whining (totally) about not being able to organise myself and stuff like that… Well, now… everything fell into place. All my files are organised… all my documents are in order and the best part of all, no mistakes for 2 days? hehe

4) Unit – Season 1

The boss being his enthusiastic self, lent me his Unit – Season 1 which stars ‘the President’ of 24… well, his the only one I know.

5) A gift!

Yes… because of my dedication and hard work (naks!), I got this as a gift





Second Chances

I have just given a piece of my thought to a dear friend about second chances…

Then I realise, I don’t practice what I preach… because up to this very moment, I am not ready to give someone a second chance.

I guess, it depends… on how deep the wound was…

I don’t know if I will actually be able to surpass this ‘stage’…

I don’t feel bitter about it…not anymore but the mere thought of us being friends gives me the creeps. I think that if in case I see them again, I will not act normal…instead, I will be half the person I am… I know for a fact that I can be rude and I might do that to them.

To make them feel how hurt I was… To make them feel that this is what came about of the situation.

I told myself that the only closure for this ‘drama’ is if they admit to all the people in particular to those close to me that I did not harm them in any way… That I did not do anything to make them do what they have done to me…

Just for the record, due to this ‘drama’, I was never the same person… Never! 


My mind has been blank for sometime… I think I lost some body and mind coordination when I got sick.

I have been making a lot of errors at work (though I think no one has actually noticed the errors -THANK GOD!)… and I’m still trying to sort out a heap of paper at our house thanks to me (i.e. magazines, newspapers, books and the list goes on and on…)

I need to straighten myself out!

I have decided to take a step… that is to at least accomplish something today… whatever that is, I don’t know but I do hope something will be done…


7 months ago, I had to deal with issues that kind of let me wonder if I should even be here in this country…Now I’m opening up to a new challenge and that is to make ‘new friends’. It’s hard for me… I actually had to think this through. I felt bad that I even have to think about it because who should actually think twice about having friends?

I mean friends are like jewels right? You should embrace and in fact feel privileged that people would want to be your friend.

I find it hard to deal with.

Rob says it should not be the case. He said that I should forget about what happen in the past and start over.

I should not let the past determine my future and in this case, my relationship with other people.

I know I should not but it’s like I have this thought that it might happen again. I would invest a lot on that relationship only for it to be ruined by God knows what?!

But I think Rob is right… I just find it hard to do so.

I hope I will be able to soon (sooner if possible).

Never Ever!

I have been in charge of the kitchen for sometime now. It’s actually not my turf since I don’t really know how to cook ‘fabulous’ dishes but since I am the missus in this relationship, I have to learn how to cook … FAST!

Rob has been wonderful… During our first few months, he would gladly take the responsibility of being the cook even if he was already dead tired from work.

I wanted to help out but we always clash because he has a different opinion of how the dish should be cooked and I have mine. So, we decided that instead of clashing and headbutting on how to cook the dish, the other person NOT cooking should keep his / her mouth shut unless asked.

It worked. Until last Saturday (17 February 2007).

Rob was craving for kare-kare (oxtail with peanut butter sauce). Since I got home first, I have decided, I will be the cook for the night!

I called Rob and told him that I’d be in-charge for the night. He said OK.

I was still trying to boil the tail until it becomes tender (meaning chewy) when Rob arrived. He then decided to help out and starts telling stories about how his mom cooks ‘kare-kare.’ From the course of the conversation, I knew that he wanted the dish to be the same as how his mom cooks it.

I actually (sort-of) said that what he wanted was hard plus the fact that we were already HUNGRY. Still Rob insisted.

I told him that it would just take time. Still he insisted. I was beginning to get mad and started getting irritated. Then…

SILENCE (we even ate in silence).

In the end, I apologized.

Moral Lesson: NEVER EVER argue about your soon-to-be mother-in-law’s cooking even if you think otherwise