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The Big Bang Theory

Apart from my obsession with 2 Broke Girls (thanks to chuvaness), I or (should I say), we have been watching The Big Bang Theory and it’s hilarious!

Actually, I have to be honest some of their conversations are way too much for me but the way Sheldon does his thing is hilarious including the times when he explains something and he looks like he is out of breath!

We have finished Seasons 1 to 4 and is moving on to Season 5. I have to be honest, I would really like for Leonard and Penny to end up together. Also, for Sheldon to at least try and date someone like Amy! 🙂 This is like forming love teams but with a mix of science and practical application.

I am enjoying this TV series… sometimes it makes me look “geeky” (hahahaha!)

I have to go now because I am watching it while I type this and to be honest, I cannot finish this post if I continue doing this so will leave for now! 🙂



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I just need to… where do I start?

Maybe I need to purge some of my online blogs so that I can concentrate on one… and then when I get the chance to do more blogs (in future)… then I’d start up.

It’s better to be able to maintain one than none at all right? Now, where do I begin?


A lot of things have happened over the past few months… Let’s see…

  • got myself a Samsung Tab
  • enrolled in a fitness club

I think these two are the highlights of my two months.

I decided to get the Samsung Tab Plus because it is useful on those days when I cannot use the computer (1) because Robert is using it and (2) I can use the other computer but I am more for browsing rather than anything else.

It was a good buy because now, I can skype better with my mom and at the same time, I can read my magazines from Zinio! (which is a nice website by the way)

I think that’s about it for me.

Still pretty much the same… Does that make me boring? I am not too sure…

I have to go now as I need to prepare for my “Body Jam” class! 😛

*hopefully, more to follow! Not next month but like maybe tomorrow? 🙂 *


I don’t really have anything to write tonight but I just want to make a note of this day.

Today is the day, I thought of taking care of my health. I am hoping that I can get a positive outcome from this… To be honest, the hubby is challenging me if I will be able to last for like a year or more.

I am determined to do this for me.

This is a big step…

I think everything now happens in a blink of an eye… almost!

We live in a fast paced world wherein the news today can be forgotten tomorrow. I think I have caught up with this craze too! Skimming through pages as if time is my enemy. All I can say is this is not good. I mean can time not stood still anymore?

For example, I was only out for a few months and I see that WordPress has changed – yet again! From what I can see, I think it’s for the better (which saves me the drama of parting with my blogposts – yay!). 

I have yet to totally revisit WordPress but I think I’m liking it’s new concept. Making it a bit more flexible for its users (I think). 

That’s it for me (for now). I hope to return soon! 

I have just finished watching the 3 episodes of 2 Broke Girls and I have to say I like the way the two girls portray their roles.

Kat Dennings who play Max (picture above) is, I think, the brave one (friendship status). Since she has been fending for herself for a while, she manages to defend both her and Caroline with all the bad stuff coming their way. You can consider it as a ‘elder sister’ type. The only thing about Max is that she is not confident about her skill  – which is making ‘fabulous’ cupcakes!

Beth Behrs (picture above) on the other hand is the business PR / lead for their cupcake venture. Since she has graduated from  a business degree, she had been the one coming up with ideas on how they can sell their cupcakes and make it mainstream.

The show is funny. I like the way Max would make a comment about people and attack with her sarcasm. It’s witty. As for Caroline, her looks give out that she might be dumb but actually she is not . She is full of ideas and is very determined that her plans / ideas can be achieved – one step at a time.


In one of the episodes, Caroline mentioned about having a vision board. I think I need to have one too so that I can see (visually) what do I or we want to achieve. Seeing it makes you more determined that you can achieve it.

They have made baby steps on how they can establish the business – one of them is printing out business cards with Max as the baker / owner of course.

For me, I have ‘kind of’ put myself out there by logging in to websites that assist freelance writers in securing a job. I am thankful that for the past few years that I have signed up, I have had good returns from these websites. I hope that when we do settle in the Philippines for good, I will still be able to continue with this so that I do not have to go back to the workforce – I can earn money while being with my family as well.


Of course, I cannot just depend on my online writing biz (If I plan to do it full-time), I also need to find another one… for both me and my husband. We are still thinking about different business ventures that we can get our hands on and hopefully, by the time we are all packed up, the business will materialise.

I am confident that we will be able to find one. The Philippines has a big heart for small-time entrepreneurs. I know we will be able to find something that fits us. It is better to do or have a business that is close to your heart right? Rather than taking in a business that you only love halfheartedly.


Funny that I get to learn about business more by watching this TV show. I hope they are getting good reviews from the management so that they can still have probably 2-3 seasons more? *fingers crossed*

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I am (again) in a dilemma if I should buy a gadget or not. My hands (including my toes) are both itching – I think my toes for new shoes and my hands for a new gadget (say what?!).

My latest craze: How to get a new laptop without losing our savings!

I have been pestering Haze for all the information I need regarding her Macbook Air! Yes! If you are a friend and you have known me for a long time — this is a dilemma for me and I know… yes, I am giving you permission to roll your eyes now… I want need the laptop.

I want to be mobile (for one thing). Usually, I have a hard time sticking to one place most especially if I want to write – what I do, I move around the house (honest!). Good thing about this habit is that I do get to produce sound results of my writing – enough to be appreciated by my viewers and my clients (naks!).

Previously, I purchased an Acer netbook when Rob and I were miles apart. It was a good laptop – served its purpose though I think sometimes my fingers struggled in typing however it worked its magic to me – I was able to move around the room if I needed to think. If I remember it right, there was also a time when I took it with me in one of the coffee shops at Burjuman because I needed to think of an idea to write for my blog?

When Rob came back here, I did not see the point of owning two laptops so I sold it to my friend. Unfortunately, it was too late when I realised that we do need to have two laptops most especially when I have some online projects to do.

I managed to snag a second laptop… but I was not able to use it…. I am still attached to our dependable Acer Aspire 5570.

So now, I am in a dilemma if I want to buy the Macbook Air and if I do want to, should I buy the 11 or 13 inch?

=== excuse me ===

What is wrong with me?!

=== thank you ===

I do not want to always end up buying gadgets because I am not satisfied with what I have 😦 or because I want to try out another gadget 😦 😦

I wonder if shops would allow customers to have a 10-day trial of the product? That way, we can assess if we really, really need it or not (wishful thinking)? This is why I envy the bloggers who are fortunate enough to try out products! Lucky you!!

Still no resolution… maybe I need to investigate about this… or I can just buy a decent laptop that is light and affordable? Aarrrgghhh….

Let me go back to my thinking mode…