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Gitex Shoppers in Dubai

Dubai residents were again treated to a variety of electronics from mobile phones, micro SD cards to televisions.

My friend and I went there yesterday since R was covering the late night shift (4pm to 12nn). I was a bit hesitant to go but since it only gives shoppers a week to see if they fancy anything, we decided to give it a shot.

My oh my…people were everywhere!

Once you get in the Dubai World Trade Centre, you can see people coming in almost all directions! It was chaos!! We had to shake off the feeling of backing out and decided to join the crowd.

In the end, I was able to buy us a printer and my friend got herself a Buffalo external hard drive with five freebies! πŸ™‚

The printer was a good buy for me and I know would suit my “home office” set up when we go home πŸ™‚

I do also have to commend the RTA officers and Dubai police because they were able to manage the traffic and the flow of people coming in and out of the metro.

The Gitex shoppers ends this Saturday, 06 October 2012.



I don’t really have anything to write tonight but I just want to make a note of this day.

Today is the day, I thought of taking care of my health. I am hoping that I can get a positive outcome from this… To be honest, the hubby is challenging me if I will be able to last for like a year or more.

I am determined to do this for me.

This is a big step…

To move or not?

As I have been blogging for the past few days / weeks, I am thinking of moving into another blogging platform – why? Wordpres has little flexibility when it comes to their free weblog users (boo!).

I have maintained this blog for a period now (and unfortunately, there were really some moments wherein I am not that active… All part of the past!) and of course I do not want to start over… 😦

I mean… I also get to think if changing the format of a blog and writing in your blog are two different important things… I know I should be the one to answer this but I am also a bit preoccupied with a lot of things in my mind… our house renovation in the Philippines, is the ‘end-all, be-all’ plan going to happen, current state of our job security here in UAE, our impending contract renewal for our flat here in Dubai and a lot of more.

Though of course, my blog is as important as all those that I have mentioned and I am now trying to take a step on what is the way to move forward…


On the same subject (‘moving’), we are also faced with a dilemma if we should move accommodation or not. Actually, we are still waiting for management to inform us if they are still willing to renew our contract then we (house members of six) get to decided if we all want to be together or not.

Another factor that we have to consider is if the landlord will still maintain the same contract value as last year. We just noticed that a lot of people have been moving out of this building. We are unsure if this is because 1) the rent went up or 2) there are a lot of inexpensive new buildings within the UAE

Real estate and hotel-type accommodation in this country is still down and so a lot of these investors either have their property rented out to expatriates in the country rather than losing money by being ‘picky’.

Silently, I know, in their own time (like what we do), all of our house members are thinking what is the way to go forward…

Move out or not?

What do you think?

Talking to the Team and other stuff

We had one of those informal meetings awhile ago wherein the boss told us about the latest news in the company. Some were good and some were bad (well, it was mostly about the ‘year that was’).

After presenting all the information, Β the boss asked if we had any queries we wanted to raise or issues that we wanted to discuss.

No hands.

I know in people’s minds, they have a lot of questions like the second bout of recession (I hope this is just a rumour), the plans for this year, the salary review and more.

However there were no hands raised.

For me, not that I do not want to talk or ask but sometimes, pointing out an issue or raising a concern says something about what is your ulterior motive – Take for example, if you ask about recession, the perception is your follow up question will definitely be about money or probably about benefits.

Or there is this possibility (which can probably comprise about 60% of the reason) that the employees are bored with the promises uttered and endless opportunities they have mentioned for the past months. Now, it seems like allowing them to make those promises will be unbearable.

I know the times are tough but you cannot always ‘just’ thank people for a job well done. It needs to be demonstrated on how you try and approach the company’s top management why we (as a team) should not be neglected hence be considered as one of the important factors of running a business.

Yes, people may boast about the past when things ran smoothly without network cables patched in and just your old dependable basic computer – if that is their argument then we can never move forward. It will always be one step forward, two steps back.

In the end, I think what everyone needs right now is motivation and because of the recent crisis, a jump on the salary will be always be welcomed but who am I to say? I did not raise my hand.

Using the neighbor’s internet ….

Happy New Year everybody!

I am greeting you from our new place somewhere here in Karama, Dubai. Yeap, we just cannot leave this place and move somewhere else… This has been home for about 3 years now and we are looking forward for another year of staying in this place whilst we transition from moving to our new home – The Philippines!!!!!

So, since we have just moved, I am using our neighbor’s unsecured internet connection (Thanks neighbor!!) and hopefully, the uber nice and sweet technician will arrive in our doorstep in time to hook us up with Etisalat’s latest baby – eLife!!! We will get the perks of having internet (8mbps), television (hello Fox movies) and landline ( err… ).

So I guess that will be it for now because the neighbor might notice I’m using his connection and decides to cut us off :p

Till my next post!! πŸ™‚

Eid Mubarak!


It has been official for the past 1 year and five months but I am still trying to get it in my system. Not that I don’t want it to happen because I do… it’s just these feelings that I have – scared, scared and scared.

I have a lot of ‘what ifs’ in my head.

Just a while ago, while going home from my grocery shopping, I thought of how much I have spent today and converted the value in my head (in pesos)… and I asked myself if that amount will be enough for us to have a decent meal for like two weeks max.

I have faith that we can make it… knowing Robert and myself, I know though I am a bit scared of what is there for us? Are we going to have enough money to cover our needs and also allow us to buy some of our ‘wants’? I have plans on looking for work either home-based or out on the field and Robert will manage the internet cafe… I wonder what kind of lifestyle will we adapt?

I know for a fact that I love my solitude when Robert is out… so will I be able to get that or will there be a lot of unexpected things that can happen whilst he’s away?

I am scared and excited because it is like finally establishing our home base after such a long time. Dubai can never be a home base for us because it does not have a lot of opportunities to offer for the expatriates (except for the wealthy).

Just those thoughts in my head but I know we will be able to go through this with the help of family and friends.