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Yahoo is playing up :S

For the past few days, I have been having issues with my Yahoo! account. It’s either I could not sign in or it just logs me off.

Last Wednesday, I browsed via my phone (company provided HTC windows phone) and saw that I had about 85 mails which was kind of odd since it was close to the end of the day already. I usually get the deals and news in the morning so I was caught unaware of where these 85 mails came from. When I opened my email, there it was… all the mails were delivery failure notice.

I have been hacked (again)?!

It is a bit irritating however I did not take the right action. Instead, I just deleted all the mail delivery failure notice and decided that it can wait the next day. Well, it was not really… I logged in and decided to change my password (also my colleague advised me to do so because the hacker might have saved my details already).

I did and immediately forgot the password (note: which is why you should never ever do it in the office where you will constantly be bugged by office emails requiring an urgent response). Anyhoo, I have hit the “forgot password” and viola! I manage to get a new one (which until now, I have not forgotten).

Now, this made me think if I should maintain this email address or not. It has been me for the past 10 years or more… and it is like my social identity for Yahoo… though I have to say as I now grow older become of age, I don’t think the screen name “funkeyguhl” is still appropriate? :p

What do you think?


Using the neighbor’s internet ….

Happy New Year everybody!

I am greeting you from our new place somewhere here in Karama, Dubai. Yeap, we just cannot leave this place and move somewhere else… This has been home for about 3 years now and we are looking forward for another year of staying in this place whilst we transition from moving to our new home – The Philippines!!!!!

So, since we have just moved, I am using our neighbor’s unsecured internet connection (Thanks neighbor!!) and hopefully, the uber nice and sweet technician will arrive in our doorstep in time to hook us up with Etisalat’s latest baby – eLife!!! We will get the perks of having internet (8mbps), television (hello Fox movies) and landline ( err… ).

So I guess that will be it for now because the neighbor might notice I’m using his connection and decides to cut us off :p

Till my next post!! 🙂

Family will always be Family

I have been away from my family for about seven years now. I just spend a month or three weeks with them and then I’m back here in Dubai. Usually what happens in those days that I’m home, everyone would try to sit me down and tell me what has been going on with their life… which could vary  – major achievements to the little things as well.

Those times wherein we would do that – priceless.

I love going back to memory lane… I think it gives you this feeling that you have gone a long way… though of course, some still stay the same.

About eight months ago, we were all in different places – I guess I can say that for my sister and me, physically and the rest of the family, in another aspect.

My sister stayed in Singapore doing her intern for one of the hotels there. She completed her six-month internship last June.

According to Robert, our relationship as a family is very different from what he’s used to. We were each other’s support system, cheerleaders and more.

Of course, we still resort to seeking our friend’s advise (especially for sensitive matters – like love :p) but we always end up getting each other’s opinions.

This kind of relationship was on-off, for me. Being away most of the time, I only get to ‘switch on’ my support-cheerleader aura when I’m home however I now get to ‘switch on’ thanks to the World Wide Web and Yahoo Messenger.

I guess even if you are far away from them as long as you have the means to communicate…anything is possible.

Bejeweled Blitz Addict

I Broke Bejeweled
Image by darque9 via Flickr

This game has been keeping me up for the past few weeknights and weekends!

I thought I already figured out how to play it but ended up not topping out my previous high score!

Facebook is really addicting because of these applications available in their website – which actually make you not want to leave… not only that, they are still trying to come up with some more (stop it please!!).

Imagine this:-

You get to post your status, chat with your friend, poke your friend and challenge him / her to play Bejeweled Blitz! How cool is that?!

Calm down.


I need  to sleep now. :=(

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Internet Addict!!!

I got another addiction to add to my list:- I’m an internet addict.

As soon as I reach home, I take out our lappy out of the bag, set the desk up, open the lappy and surf the night away.

This could be a good habit if …. Robert is not with me 😦

I am actually glad that he does not complain about me being always on the computer but I do feel really guilty about it… because instead of spending some R&R with him… I am spending it with our lappy! 😦

mmm… but I have a plan 😉

I plan to look for more ways to earn money in the net and turn this addiction to a profitable one. Hopefully, I can do that (as that was the reason I bought a lappy for us!).