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Tribute to Motime and more…

Before this blog ever materialized, I had an old blog which housed most of my thoughts when I was still working in the Philippines.

It had all of my angst (I have actually transferred them all on this blog), my fears and my love poems for my then boyfriend, R.

I was very active then and I guess with my friends blogging about their week or about work, it makes me feel connected with them however I guess people moved on by using Facebook and Twitter.

There are still some who blogs (like me and you… and you…) but I have to admit the number of people have been lessened (please prove me wrong!!) so I neglected that blog.

Whenever I read my posts, I laugh, sometimes I can feel that I blush or turn red (because of embarrassment) and at times, sad. With all these mix of emotions, I decided to come up with this blog because I thought, let me start anew.

A few years have passed and a few months back, I have received a notification that “motime” was closing down. I got an email giving me step by step instructions on how I can export my blog should I wish to keep it.

I did.

I felt sad for motime and I really hope they had a good run housing people’s emotional breakdowns, irritating whines about life and love, angst about their partners and so on.

As for me, I thought maybe I can re-do this blog too.

Start anew.

Not really to erase what has been published but… but… I really can’t think of a better word than “focus”.

I might also close down some of my blogs (probably leave this and my portfolio blog which is here) and re-open them when I’m back to writing two to three posts in a week! In that way, I can focus more on where and what I want to write about.


Why I haven’t written for the past few weeks / months…

First off, I have been busy… not an excuse actually but then I have been busy with a few things at work, at home (doing my online work) and at my relationship (just recently celebrated our three year anniversary).

Aside from that, I have also been pretty much occupied because I have been helping out my friend during their races at the Autodrome.

Second, my mind has been wandering off again. Thinking of the possibilities… replaying scenarios in my head on how are we going to settle in the Philippines. I am not scared anymore… I guess my fear has now turned into excitement.

The possibility of finally being home and be in a place where you are comfortable. For me, it is more of the feeling of being ‘home’. The comfortable part is yet to be determined as we have finally decided that we will be living in Robert’s ancestral home… I still need to make some renovations on the house but other than that, I guess in time, we can transform the house into a home.

Third, my body is not cooperating properly for the past few days. If people are reading this and is about to jump into conclusions, let me make a statement : I AM NOT PREGNANT. We want to be but then I guess, it is still not the right time to do so. I have to admit that it is beginning to frustrate me because we have been wanting to have one for a time now but we always end up failing. I am not sure if subconsciously one of us is wishing otherwise… I guess we can just keep on trying.

Fourth, I am debating whether to transfer my personal blog into one blogging site. I have been maintaining two different blogging platforms – one for my public profile and this, my sort of intimate journal. Then, I thought that it is still better to have different blogging platforms for two different purposes.


Hopefully, I will blog more often… a promise that I always keep forgetting 😦

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A lot to blog…

but no energy to start?! What is this excuse?!

Lazy Painting
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I know… I just do not understand myself! I am just browsing and browsing the net for news, emails (which thankfully, I was able to delete 2k worth of emails way back 2008 that I have not read!), Facebook, chat, Twitter and the routine goes on and on.

Hmm… maybe it was initially the frustration about the dinner we had last night (about having to pay more when it was suppose to be a discount)… or maybe because I am just lazy today?

To get out of this ‘state’, I decided to revive my contract with one of my online boss and told him that I am interested to work for him again… hopefully, this can kind of bring me back to the state I wanted.

I feel terrible when this happens, it’s like lazy mind vs. energetic mind. Aaarrgghhh….

I’m impossible! 😦

Why can I not be the other bloggers who have the energy to blog and blog about anything and everything? Who has every minute detail on record…


I will be sensible tomorrow.

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Senti Sabado

Saturdays are usually the ‘laidback’ day for most country (especially those having a two-day off from work). As for me, it was my ‘laundry’ day even though I was offered to tag along and have a window shopping experience at the Dubai Mall – I opted for the laundry day because Robert is not very happy with the pile of clothes increasing next to our bedside (which might topple, if I do not do anything about it).

As I multi-task a lot, I ended up doing the laundry and surfing the internet for news, gossips (either from Facebook / Twitter / Gossip websites), news and blogs 🙂 While checking on my tweets, a person I am following started out the ‘senti sabado’.

Senti sabado means in English (literally speaking) Sentimental Saturday. Why? Someone started to tweet about what happened during their time (ehem our time) like the candies we have, the tv shows we watched, the ‘artistas’ (movie stars) we use to watch and the list goes on.

Due to this, I tried and reminisced about the past 🙂

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